The Field Student

The Field Camp Essentials

So you are going to field camp and don’t know what to get. Well, you are in luck because this page identifies all the essential equipment you will need!

Field Notebooks

If you plan to be doing field work you will need a notebook that can survivor any weather condition. Here we review the best all-weather notebooks.

Hand Lenses

Need to get up close and personal with a rock or sample? Here was discuss the value of the hand lens and review the top contenders used by students and professionals.

Hydration Packs

When you are out in the field, you will want to make sure you have plenty of water! Hydration packs easily solve this problem, allowing  you to carry a lot of water with minimal effort.

Rock Hammers

The rock hammer is one of the most vital tools for field students and professionals. There are so many variations, how do you know which one to get? Well, let us help you!

Sheaths and Holsters

Need something convenient to carry your rock hammer in? Here we review the best hammer sheaths and holsters so that your hammer is safe, accessible, and always by your side.